NeuroSoma Therapy

Safe & Effective Treatment for Headaches, Back Pain, Neck, Shoulder, Wrist, Knee, or Hip Pain...Without Drugs, Needles, Surgery, or Joint Manipulation.



Delecate, yet remarkably powerful technique that relaxes hard, overly-contracted muscles.



What's really wrong with you? This 3 minute video explains how hard, spastic muscles cause pain.


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North Fresno location, near Alluvial and Fresno St. Second floor of the Palatine Building. 

What Our Patients Are Saying

NeuroSoma Practitioner - Dr Aaron P Draper DC

Dr. Aaron P. Draper D.C.

NeuroSoma Therapy is the most effective treatment for resolving most musculo-skeleton conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder problems, knee or hip problems…

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