NeuroSoma Therapy

During my 30 years of practice...I have found that NeuroSoma Therapy is the most effective treatment for resolving most musculo-skeleton conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder problems, knee or hip problems...etc. It can relax hard overly contracted muscles, which is the reason for most pain that one will ever experience. NeuroSoma's effectiveness can not be reproduced by any other traditional forms of therapy such as spinal manipulation, physical therapy, yoga, acupuncture, stretching, massage, drugs, or surgery. It is truly unique and powerful. It is now available in Fresno for the first time and you can experience the effectiveness of this remarkable therapy. You won' be disappointed.

Dr. Aaron Draper

NeuroSoma® is a very delicate, yet remarkably powerful fingertip massage technique that relaxes hard, overly-contracted muscle tissue by stimulating small feedback nerves located within
muscle spindle sensory receptors. Unlike regular massage therapy, NeuroSoma® specifically addresses hypertonic muscle spasm, which is different than ordinary tension in that it is produced by a malfunction of the nervous system. With a precise and limited pressure, the NeuroSoma® myotherapist stimulates specialized feedback nerves in muscle spindles.

This extremely sophisticated and effective fingertip stimulation corrects distorted nerve feedback to the cerebellum. The newly-functioning feedback loops are then able to inform the cerebellum of the contracted condition of the muscle, allowing the brain to correctly “see” the contraction in which it has been holding the muscle, and consequently to relax the muscle. This cutting edge bodywork actually enables the body to heal itself. The NeuroSoma® myotherapist stimulates these feedback nerve beds using a limited pressure not deep enough to activate the stretch-reflex mechanism, also originating in the muscle spindles.

The process of softening knotted, tight muscles is cumulative. At such time as optimum results are achieved (the core spasms are reached and the muscle is healthy throughout), maintenance becomes the objective. This therapy is not in itself a cure, since its purpose is to activate the body’s own healing power. It generates other changes, such as increased circulation, joint health, and nerve repair, and reduced histamine production. The degree and speed of change depend on the extent and age of the disturbance, the amount of recuperative power released by each session, and the pace at which your own nervous system operates, which varies from person to person.

NeuroSoma® is based on hard science and 30 years of research of human physiology and anatomy. In short, this leading-edge therapy to heal muscle spasm does not try to mash the muscle into submission; rather it operates in the nervous system; it stimulates feedback nerves, reinstates feedback loops from the muscle to the cerebellum, and it is then the brain that relaxes the muscle.

Muscle Spasm Cycle Chart

This chart illustrates the events that lead to hyper tonic muscle spasticity

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